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Common Web mistakes that invite trouble

Here a few simple issues that users tend to take for granted when they’re encountered online – but that users could and should reasonably expect to be solved in applications that have been properly vetted for issues.
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The New School of Cyber Defense

The old school of cyber defense emphasized securing infrastructure and restricting data flows, but data needs to run freely to power our organizations. The new school of cyber defense calls for security that is agile and intelligent. It emphasizes protecting the interactions between our users, our applications, and our...
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Think Like a Bad Guy, Act Like a Good Guy

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HP Security Research: ­ Cyber Risk Report 2015

In this report we provide a broad view of the 2014 threat landscape, ranging from industry-wide data down to a focused look at different technologies, including open source, mobile, and...

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Incident Response: How to Fight Back

The goal of this survey was to get a clearer picture of what IR teams are up against today, the types of attacks they see and what defenses they have in place to detect and respond to these threats.
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